Current Students

Study Scheme Important Date Major Declaration Academic Advising Student Amenities Achievement Student Society Student Life

Academic Counselling Session

In the middle of August, the 1st Academic Counselling Session was held to provide academic advice on course selection. Some Programme Advisors joined and greeted our freshmen.

Orientation Camp

Freshmen experienced the 4-days-3-nights camp held in August. They got familiarised with the University, our beautiful campus and year 1 courses during the camp.

Faculty Tea Reception

The Associate Dean (Student Affairs) and the Assistant Dean (Student Affairs) welcomed our freshmen in the Faculty Tea Reception and enjoyed light refreshment together.

Academic Advising Gathering

The Faculty Office and the student society jointly held a gathering for Broad-based students to meet with the senior students and the academic advisors to gain course selection tips and major declaration advice.

Annual General Meeting

In the January Annual General Meeting, the year plan and financial budget of SOCLARIS, the Executive Committee of the 7th Social Science Broad-Based Admission Students’ Society, as well as the annual and financial report of SOCXANE, the previous executive committee, were passed.

Inauguration ceremony

The Assistant Dean (Student Affairs), Faculty Office representative and representatives from other student societies witnessed the appointment of SOCLARIS. The committee members and the guests met and explored future cooperation opportunities.

Lunar New Year Dinner

On the 28th of February, SOCLARIS celebrated Chinese New Year with its members in Chung Chi Tang. Members gathered to welcome the arrival of Chinese New Year, joined in communal dining and enjoyed a variety of games and activities organised by SOCLARIS.

Football Match with GPA students

This was the first event SOCLARIS organized with the Government and Public Administration (GPA) Student Society. It provided a platform for members to demonstrate their football skills while making friends with GPA students at the same time.

Farewell Night

All Social Science broad-based students would declare major after one-year of exploration. Before joining different majors, a farewell party was held by SOCLARIS for students to spend a fruitful night together. In the party, light snacks, photo booths and group games were served. Students experienced a memorable evening.

Organization Committee of Orientation Camp (O’Camp)

An exercise was held in mid-March to recruit members who are interested in organising the upcoming Orientation Camp for freshmen. An informative, fun and heartwarming orientation camp is now ready for 2019 freshmen.


Photo Day

Social Science Broad-based students who joined in 2015 have experienced 4 years of fruitful University life. They held a Photo Day at Pommerenke Student Centre to celebrate for graduation. Prof. Clement So congratulated the students and took memorable photos with them together.