Current Students

Study Scheme Important Date Major Declaration Academic Advising Student Amenities Achievement Student Society Student Life

Academic Counselling Session

Before class commencement, the Faculty Office organised an academic counselling session in August to provide academic advice on course selection, learning enhancement service and exchange programmes to freshmen. 

Orientation Camp

New students had chances to know some senior year students during the 4-days-3-nights camp held in August. Senior students assisted new students to get familiarise with the campus and university in the following years.

Faculty Tea Reception

The Dean of Social Science greeted all the new students in September.  Freshmen enjoyed a light refreshment while chatting with academic advisors and professors in a relaxing and casual atmosphere.

Academic Advising Gathering

The Faculty Office and the student society invited senior students and academic advisors to join the gathering.  Students gained valuable course selection and major declaration advice through experience sharing of the senior students.

Documentary Screening + Workshop: Creativity Is

Documentary Screening & Workshop: Creativity Is was a Faculty Seminar held in Term 1. Ms Sharon Yeung who is an independent filmmaker was invited to explore with students the possibilities of what we can do to rediscover the creativity within ourselves.

Annual General Meeting

The year plan and financial budget of SOCXANE, the Executive Committee of the 6th Social Science (Broad-Based Admission) Students’ Society CUSU, as well as the annual and financial report of Socnance, the previous executive committee, were passed in the annual general meeting.

Inauguration Ceremony

With the witnesses of Faculty members from the Faculty of Social Science, representatives from other student societies and past executive committees, SOCXANE has officially taken office in the Inauguration Ceremony.

Lunar New Year Dinner

To enhance the bonding among members, the Lunar New Year Dinner was held on 1st, March.  All members shared a jubilant night through playing games, participating in a lucky draw, eating Poon Choi and watching dance performances.

Farewell Night

Since students were going to declare their major programmes, a farewell party was held by SOCXANE for members to spend the very last event with their friends. Light dinner, photo booths and mass games were served during the night.

Organization Committee of Orientation Camp (O’Camp)

Games, discussions and sharing sessions with the previous executive committee were held to aid the formation of the new organising committee of the Orientation Camp. It also helped new members to know more about each other. The committee would work hard to bring unforgettable memories to freshmen in the coming summer.