Current Students

Study Scheme Important Date Major Declaration Academic Advising Student Amenities Achievement Student Society Student Life

Academic Counselling Session

The Academic Advisors of Social Science Broad-based met with all new students in mid-August.  Some advice about course selection, study plan, major declaration, and overseas exchange was provided.

Orientation Camp

The 4-days-3-nights camp was held in mid-August. New students met with one another and get some tips about the campus, the university and Term 1 courses from the senior students.


Lunch Together

Freshmen were invited to join lunch with administrative staff in the Faculty Office and the senior students in the first week of Term 1. Freshmen earned a lot of valuable information in the relaxing environment.

Academic Advising Gathering

The Faculty Office and the 7th Social Science Broad-Based Admission Students’ Society SOCLARIS jointly held the gathering. The Academic Advisors provided information about the declaration of potential major and the senior students shared what they have learnt in various majors. This facilitated course planning in Term 2 and major declaration at the end of Year 1. 

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting was held in January. The year plan and the financial budget of SOCHROMA, the Executive Committee of the 8th Social Science Broad-Based financial report of SOCLARIS, the previous executive committee, were passed. This also indicated the start of SOCHROMA’s duties.

Student Advising Support under the Pandemic

Academic advising activities did not end because of the pandemic. Different kinds of online activities were offered for Broad-based students to have a better understanding of the various majors. Activities included online Q&A, individual e-consultations, alumni sharing e-materials, and online thematic talks.