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Annual General Meeting

The first event of the year was the Annual General Meeting. The annual report and financial report of SOCNEXUS, the 10th Committee of Students’ Society, as well as the annual plan and financial budget of SOCLISTO, the 11th Committee of Students’ Society, were endorsed in the meeting.


Inauguration Ceremony

The 10th Committee handed over to the 11th Committee in the Inauguration Ceremony. We invited representatives from the Faculty of Social Science, former executive committees of Students’ Society and other student organisations to witness the event, at the same time, to strengthen the communication between each party.

Spring Feast

We organised the Spring Feast to celebrate the Lunar New Year with students of Social Science (Broad-based). The gaming session, lucky draw, and dance performances provided an opportunity for students to gather and celebrate with friends.

Photo Day

The Photo Day was held to farewell our graduates. We prepared props and decorated the venue for photo-taking, so that our graduates could share their joy of graduation together.

New Semester Gathering

We ran the New Semester Gathering to let new students broaden their social circles and share the laughter of embarking on a new journey at CUHK.

Orientation Camp

A 3-day overnight Orientation Camp was held in mid-August this year. Through playing different games in the camp, new students got to know their first group of university peers who will support each other in the coming years. We strived to help new students to adapt to the new learning environment. Apart from the fun, participants also gained important information from the senior students.