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Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting is an important meeting witnessing the come and go of the existing and new committee members.  The annual report and financial report of SOCFERO, the 9th Committee of Students’ Society, as well as the annual plan, financial budget and rename proposal of SOCNEXUS, which is the 10th Committee of Students’ Society, were passed during the Annual General Meeting.


Lunar New Year Live Show

During the Lunar New Year holidays, we organized a livestream activity with music and dance performances to celebrate the Lunar New Year with students of Social Science Broad-based. 


Photo Day

The Photo Day was held for graduates of Social Science Broad-based. The venue was decorated and props were provided for graduates to take photos with.  It is our hope that graduates enjoyed the celebration of their graduation together.


Orientation Camp

A two-day orientation Camp was held in mid-August, this year, allowing freshmen to know each other and be acquainted through activities.


New Semester Gathering

Near the end of September, we organised the New Semester Gathering, to let the freshmen come together and share the fresh experience and joys of the new semester.