Q: Comparing to individual major programmes, is it easier to apply for Social Science broad-based admission line and then join the designated programme through declaration of major?

A: It depends.  The admission statistics of various programmes vary every year.  Besides, Architectural Studies and Government & Public Administration have special requirement for declaration of major.

Q: Is there any weighting for specific HKDSE subjects?

A: Yes, the weighting of the English Language is 1.3.  Click here for admission requirement in details.

Q: Is there any interview for JUPAS?

A: Yes, on a selection basis after the release of HKDSE result.

Q: When do I need to declare major?

A: Students will need to declare the major programme towards the end of their first year of study.

Q: Do I need to indicate a potential major upon admission?

A: No. The aim of Social Science broad-based admission line is to allow students to explore different social science disciplines before deciding a major programme.

Q: Is there really no quota for Social Science broad-based admission line students to declare major programmes in Year 2?

A: Yes, programmes have NO pre-set quota for students of Social Science broad-based admission line.  However, there are some special requirements for Architectural Studies and Government & Public Administration.  Please click here for major declaration principles.

Q: As I do not belong to any Department/School in my first year, how can I seek help in academic matters?

A: The Associate/Assistant Deans (student affairs) and other faculty members from the Departments/Schools will serve as academic advisors for these students. Students are most welcome to seek help from these academic advisors. Students will also be able to explore their true aptitude and potentials with the guidance of our faculty members.

Q: Do I need to spend longer time to complete my study as I only confirm my major programme in Year 2?

A: No, students do not need to spend extra time to complete the whole course of study. The normative period of study is 4 years for students admitted through Social Science broad-based admission line, same as that for other programmes’ students.

Q: Will it be difficult to catch up with students applying for direct entry in other programmes?

A: In Year 1 of study, Social Science broad-based admission line students can study courses of their intended majors.  These courses equip Broad-based Admission Line students with the necessary knowledge to join the major programme in Year 2.  Please click here to hear what our students say about this.