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Stories from Jacqueline SHIN (from Korea), Isler Mustafa (from Holland) and Jason TUNG (from Taiwan).




Jacqueline Shin (2015 entrant; Current major programme: Economics)

Isler Mustafa (2016 Graudate of Comptemporary China Studies (Social Science))

Jason Tung (2016 Graduate of Journalism and Communication) 


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Joyce Lai

(2016 entrant; Current major programme: Sociology)

I had no idea which major to choose when I was in secondary six, but I was interested in different social phenomena. Hence, I chose the Social Science broad-based admission line. The University offers a high degree of freedom, in which I can discover new opportunities through numerous extracurricular activities. By taking various courses offered by different departments in Social Science, I explored the diversities and the characteristics of different disciplines, which not only helped me to decide my major of study but also prepared me for a fruitful journey in the remaining three years of undergraduate study.

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Tiffany Wong

(2016 entrant; Current major programme: Sociology)

During the year in Social Science Broad-based Admission, apart from exploring different subjects, there were also many opportunities in the university for me to try new things. Learning how to make decisions becomes important. Through studying courses offered by different departments, joining the executive committee of Social Science Student Society and participating in various activities, I am grateful that I have enriched my knowledge, enhanced my interpersonal skills and expanded my horizons.

Besides, Social Science Broad-based Admission has allowed me to discover more about myself and the world, not just wider but also deeper. Different people have different university lives, and I love and treasure mine.

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Civi Yap

(from Malaysia; 2016 entrant; Current major programme: Journalism and Communication)

Social Science adopts a more humanistic approach towards the society on how we debunk concurrent events happening in the society. I chose the Social Science broad-based admission because I wanted to explore and try out different disciplines. The programme allowed me to understand the foundation and functions of a society from different perspectives. In Year 2, I declared Journalism and Communication as my major because I was fascinated by the mission of journalists which is to uncover social issues and problems. I have joined Dancing Society in CUHK, and participated in events such as joint-U mass dance, annual performance and so on. Last year, I became a committee member in the Dancing Society, also called “Sheung Jong (上庄)”. People in CUHK are friendly and caring. I can pursue my academic study as well as my hobby in CUHK. I felt very blessed to be studying here.

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Ryan Law

(2015 entrant; Current major programme: Sociology)

I was unsure of my own interest when I applied for the university because I was deeply interested in both Sociology and Journalism & Communication. The former applies sociological theories to analyze social phenomena, whereas the latter gives me the sight of a journalist to understand the society. Therefore, I chose Social Science broad-based admission line. This scheme allowed me to take courses from both disciplines freely without committing to a major programme during my first year. This helped me to understand the difference between the two disciplines and confirm my genuine interest. Without having this opportunity in the first year, I would not be so determined to study Sociology because of the doubt I had.

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Calvin Leung

(2014 entrant; Current major programme: Architectural Studies)

“Free choice” is the most distinctive and advantageous feature of the broad-based admission. Back in Secondary 4, I had already decided I should study Architecture; yet when facing the real JUPAS application form, I was not immune from anxiety and hesitation

Fortunately in the previous year, I could take courses from five departments of the Faculty; after thoroughly reviewing myself, I realised that no other subject suited me better than Architectural Studies did. If I had not been admitted through the broad-based admission line, I would have always wondered about “what if I hadn’t chosen Architecture…” This year as a Social Science Line student has no doubt reinforced my determination in studying Architecture, and it would keep me going in face of all the hardships that might come along.

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Katie Li

(2018 Graduate of Journalism and Communication)

In the first year of university education, I have tried many things that I have never tasted in secondary school. Being unsure of my own interests, I decided to explore in different social science subjects by getting admitted to the broad-based admission line. Learning was not only about depth, but also the breadth. I could freely take whatever courses that I liked during my first year, and through which I came to discover where my real interests lie. 

I was a committee member of the Social Science student society, and I got to know about my weaknesses through working with different people. I also enjoyed organizing activities and having overnight meetings with my friends – it’s simply passionate and romantic.

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Eric Chan

(2017 Graduate of Journalism and Communication)

When I was in S6, I had no idea about my future job and found difficulties in choosing my major. Eventually I chose Social Science in JUPAS. In Year 1, I was able to learn more about various fields in the Faculty of Social Science through studying courses offered by different majors. This certainly helped me evaluate myself and choose the major to pursue in the following years.

Moreover, I became one of the committee members of the Social Science student society. This has improved my ability of time management and communication skills. I also got to know a group of good friends while being part of the student society.

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Li Tin-wan

(2017 Graduate of Government and Public Administration)

I chose Social Science when I was a high school student, as I had no idea what I was most interested in among all programmes that the Faculty offered. I was thankful that the Faculty often held academic counselling sessions for freshmen throughout the year, and through chats and dialogues with professors and senior students, I finally came to discover a major programme that suited me best.

The Faculty also helped us explore our interests by recommending activities for us. Among various kinds of activities, I took part in Hong Kong Model United Nations Conference in 2012. Participants from Hong Kong and mainland China discussed views towards global issues, and I very much enjoyed this experience. I thought I made the right decision to have chosen Social Science, which brought me a valuable year in my university life.

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