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Civi Yap (from Malaysia)

(2020 Graduate of Journalism and Communication)

Social Science adopts a more humanistic approach towards the society on how we debunk concurrent events happening in the society. I chose the Social Science broad-based admission because I wanted to explore and try out different disciplines. The programme allowed me to understand the foundation and functions of a society from different perspectives. In Year 2, I declared Journalism and Communication as my major because I was fascinated by the mission of journalists which is to uncover social issues and problems. I have joined Dancing Society in CUHK, and participated in events such as joint-U mass dance, annual performance and so on. Last year, I became a committee member in the Dancing Society, also called “Sheung Jong (上庄)”. People in CUHK are friendly and caring. I can pursue my academic study as well as my hobby in CUHK. I felt very blessed to be studying here.

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