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Declaration of Major within the Faculty of Social Science for 2022-23

All Social Science Broadbased and Mainland Gaokao students admitted in 2021 should declare the major programme at the end of first year of study within the specified period.  Except for Mainland Gaokao Students declaring GLEF or SOWK as majors, students can delcare major through the “Declare Major” function of CUSIS. Declaration period is from 25 May to 7 June 2022. Please read the following for details.

Students who successfully declare a major will receive a formal notification letter from Registration & Examination Section (RES) by late July 2022.  Student record under CUSIS will be updated with effect from 1 August 2022 showing the new major programme.


(On Major Declaration Procedures) Registration & Examinations Section



(Broad-based Social Science) Ms. Aka Lee, Faculty Office of Social Science



(Mainland Gaokao) Ms. Karrie Li, LEO, Office of Student Affairs