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Given the Broad-based nature of the Social Science line, and the need to transit into a major in the second year, the Academic Advisory System will focus on providing academic guidance and support for a smooth transition to a second year major.  For university guidelines on Academic Advisory System, please read the Handbook on the Implementation of the Academic Advisory System.  Some frequently asked questions are available at here.





List of Academic Advisors 2023-24

University Academic Advisory System
Level I Advisor Assistant Dean (Student Affairs)    Prof. Fiona Ho
Level II Advisor Associate Dean (Student Affairs)    Dr. Frankie Wong
Academic Counselling on Placement of Major
Programme Advisors Programme Social Science Broad-based Social Science Broad-based (Mainland Gaokao)
Architectural Studies Dr. Han Man
Dr. Han Man
Economics Dr. Linda Yung Prof. Sheng Liugang
Geography and Resource Management  Dr. Joanna Lee Dr. Guo Chunlan
Government and Public Administration Prof. Wong Seanon Si Lon
Prof. Zhan Jing Vivian
Journalism and Communication Ms. Vivian Tam
Ms. Vivian Tam
Psychology Prof. Wang Qian Prof. Wang Qian
Sociology Dr. Lau Siu Lun
Dr. Lau Siu Lun
Urban Studies  Dr. Sampson Wong
Dr. Sampson Wong
Global Economic and Finance    Prof. Terence Chong
Social Work   Prof. Cheng Qijin
Data Science and Policy Studies   Prof. Chee Hon Chan