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Curtis Lin

(2018 entrant; Current major programme: Government and Public Administration)

It was my honour to have been admitted to the Faculty of Social Science at CUHK. Time flies. It is now my second year. I still remember how complicated I felt after the DSE and JUPAS results were released. As a visually impaired student, I was so anxious about the uncertainties that may occur in the new phase of my life. I worried I couldn’t catch up with the schoolwork and enjoy my university life as much as normal students do. I knew, in the university, learning attitude and lifestyle vary from one student to another, which is exactly a microcosm of a pluralistic society. So, instead of worrying and comparing with my fellows, I determined to make good use of all the opportunities given to me and get to know what a person I am and want to become within these few years.

The advantages of broad-based admission have long been known. There is one point that I would like to highlight which was also the main reason I put Social Science as my first priority. That is, except for two specific majors, there are no strict requirements when students declare their majors. I can freely explore my interest without pressure and can spend the remaining time on adaptation.

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