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Joseph Zhao (from China)

(2018 Graduate of Urban Studies; Minor programme: French)

After finishing my first year as a Social Science Board-based student, I was particularly interested in the multi-disciplinary subject of Urban Studies as it is a subject adopted social science methodology in exploring the urban realm with the backup knowledge from Architecture, Sociology, Anthropology, Geography and any other subjects that could be related. I felt very grateful in studying at the Urban Studies Programme of the Faculty of Social Science, CUHK, not only because learning process has equipped me the essential ability of critical thinking and active learning, which encouraged me to pursue postgraduate studies at the University of Cambridge with a full scholarship; but also because the excellent supports, amazing opportunities and incredible resources that I had access to during my study journey. I would encourage you to consider Urban Studies at the Faculty of Social Science if you ever want to explore the knowledge and extend your potential.

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