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Major Declaration within the Faculty of Social Science

Social Science Broad-based students and Mainland Gaokao students who have obtained a term GPA of 1.50 or above in the 2nd term of Year 1 are eligible for major declaration. Students can indicate their preferred major(s) on the Major Declaration Platform within a specified period at the end of their first year of study. 

For students admitted in 2023, please read the followings before declaring your preferred major(s):

Major Declaration Period: Early/Mid-June 2024 (To be announced in due course)

Broad-based Social Science students

Notes on Major Declaration (Broad-based 2023 entry)

► Major Declaration Platform (To be updated)

Mainland Gaokao students:

Notes on Major Declaration (Mainland Gaokao 2023 entry)

► Major Declaration Platform (To be updated)



(Broad-based Social Science) Ms. Charlotte Cheung, Faculty Office of Social Science



(Mainland Gaokao) Ms. Karrie Li, LEO, Office of Student Affairs